Meet Diane

Diane was an aftercare participant who was part of the community at Karis Support Society for nearly 10 years. She passed suddenly in 2019, and even though she is no longer with us she would still want people to be impacted from her life story.

She was a multi-gifted artist and writer and after many years of being on the street and in addiction, she shares her life experiences through her poetry, both the pain and the beauty.

Her book of poetry is still available for sale on-line. All the proceeds from the book go directly to her son Raven.

Meet Dena

Dena is one of the aftercare participants at Karis Support Society, who is a multi-media artist.

She has used art as a pathway to healing in her own recovery. Her heart’s desire is to help others find hope and healing in her beautiful art work.

She is also a published author in a collaborative book called Dare to Share, From Trauma to Recovery by Diana Reyers.

Dena is pictured here with a couple of her art pieces.