How Artsy Phartsy Came to Be

Artsy Phartsy started by me pondering at the beginning of 2018 what my next challenge was going be.

I had been working in the area of addiction for 15 years and even though I was passionate about what I was doing and believed in what Karis Support Society was doing, I felt it was time for me to stretch.

I have had a long time desire to start my own business, coupled with a desire to do something good for our planet, and to do something creative.

I shared my idea with mom, who loved it and immediately started to create the prototypes of the bags and aprons we are now selling. We had the opportunity to have a couple of pop up stores which gave us our first few hundred dollars of start-up capital to make a go of it. Consequentially, Artsy Phartsy was born! Since then we’ve been rolling along, working the artisan markets and looking for avenues to get our name and our products out into the community. Thank you for your support and interest in my beautiful, little enterprise.


Please check out the Karis Website to learn more about Karis Support Society and all the amazing things they do to support women in recovery.